Sleeping Net A Natural Aid for Insomnia

Girl Sleeing Under Sleeping Net

Depression is a condition affecting more and more people. The causes are varied and often complicated in nature and can greatly range in levels of severity. Evidence shows depression increases a host of other illnesses including heart disease, obesity, decreased immune system funcioning, increased risk of substance abuse.

Weighted blanket therapy can be used in bed as a sleep aid or draped over the lap to simply calm and elevate mood. Improved sleep is also shown to reduce the severity of depression. It can be used in the bed as a sleep aid and calming technique or laid across the lap to reduce daytime depression. The sleeping net is a drug free aid to help increase feelings of connection, well-being and overall happiness.

The blankets act as Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) which triggers the release of Serotonin, Melatonin and Oxytocin. These chemicals naturally help the mind feel safe and secure allowing the user fall asleep faster and decrease sleep fragmentation throughout the night. The sleeping net even allows for the user to put the blanket over their head which seems to even more efficiently trigger the natural chemical release.