Net Poses - There's More Than One Way To Benefit

Girl Sleeing Under Sleeping Net

Use As A Simple Blanket

The net can simply be used draped over you as you would any blanket. The net allows for the comforting addition of weight without adding heat. This is a great answer for those of us who find it hard to sleep without a blanket, even when it is too hot for the blanket. This is because the weight of any blanket works on all of us to trigger Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS). The heavier the blankets the more stimulation and hormone release occurs. Unfortunately, the more blankets, the hotter this makes us leading to overheating which also leads to poor sleep. The sleeping net was specifically designed to tap into the wonderful benefits of weighted blankets without the downfall of overheating. It allows the user to pair it with whatever other sheets and blankets they prefer to match the season. It can be used alone, with a sheet, with a plush blanket, comforter, another net or all of the above.

Baby Sleeping On Dad

The Baby/Pet on the Chest

If you've ever had a baby or pet lay on your chest, you can attest to what an overwhelming sense of love, calm and happiness it gives you. You are describing an increase in your serotonin and oxytocin levels. Likewise you may find piling the net directly on your chest works particularly well to induce sleep.

Pet Sleeping On Man
Cat On Lap

Lap Blanket

If you've ever been fortunate enough to have a pet or small child curl up in your lap, you can relate to what a soothing effect it had. You feel calm, happy and an overwhelming sense of love. Which is why we will often push through great physical discomfort (like need to use the restroom, hungy, thirsty, legs falling asleep, etc.) to make this comforting experience last as long as possible. Among other things, the weight of the pet or child is triggering serotonin and oxytocin release. The net can be used to have the same effect by simply piling it on your lap or draping it over your legs. This can act as a wonderful stress reliever or emotional resetting technique when awake and perhaps anxious over life, work, etc.

Sleeping Net Over Full Body

Over the Head/Full Body Mode

The sleeping net has the added benefit of also being very easy to breathe through it. Many young children and some adults like to also pile the blankets up directly over their head. Try pulling the net over your head and napping. For many, this results in a particularly deep sleep suggesting pressure on the head may be particularly effective at stimulating hormone release.

Cat Sleeping