Be Among The Many Enjoying the Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Perfect Year Round Blanket

For many people, it is hard to sleep without a blanket, even when it is too hot for the blanket. This is because the weight of any blanket works on all of us to trigger Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS), the heavier the blankets the more stimulation and hormone release occurs. But traditional blankets, leave us overheated which also leads to poor sleep. The sleeping net was specifically designed to tap into the wonderful benefits of weighted blankets without the downfall of overheating. It allows the user to pair it with whatever other sheets and blankets they prefer to match the season. It can be used alone, with a sheet, with a plush blanket, comforter, another net or all of the above.

Delivery Time

Because the blankets are hand-made to your specifications, delivery times will vary. Typically your blanket will take 2 weeks, plus shipping time.