More Effective Emotional Resets

Thirty years ago parents started turning to time-outs as a behavior modification tool to work with their children. The purpose of the time-out is supposed to be to act as a brief pause in a caregiver's interaction with a child to allow the child to self-calm and reset their behavior. 1 The net used in the lap pose helps accelerate this emotional reset we are striving to find with the time-out.

Positive time out is designed to encourage children and to teach them self-control and self-discipline. It is respectful because children are involved in the process (by helping to create a space that will be encouraging) instead of objects or victims of the process. Positive time out teaches children to understand that their brains don't function well when they are upset. They learn the value of taking time to out to calm down until their brains are functioning in a way that is advantageous to them, rather than detrimental.1